The Sixth Form is where independence truly begins for many young people. The freedom to choose courses they love, that will take them on a path to an exciting future, is as enticing now as it was when I first entered Sixth Form. 

Here at Dame Allan’s, we pride ourselves on our pastoral support throughout those two incredibly important years. As stressful as it is for many young people across the country, we support our students, guiding them into good study habits to relieve stress and helping them to make the best choices as they embark on their new lives beyond school.

The transition to a new way of learning is never easy, but we have high expectations of our students and through our encouragement and practical advice, we push our students to achieve by early adoption of reaching beyond the curriculum and going that extra mile during study periods and at home. There is no doubt that studying for A Levels is hard work, but conscientious students thrive in being able to manage their own workload.

“Through hard work, kindness and commitment to a community, our Sixth Form students thrive.”

The Dame Allan’s community is completed by our Sixth Form. These older and more mature students are role models to the younger years. There are ample opportunities to lead and get involved and we hope that all of our Sixth Form students will reach out and grab as many of them as they can to reach their full potential.

Mr P Terry, Head of Sixth Form

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Damian Hughes with pupils at Dame Allan's Schools
Pupils in Sixth Form breakout space
Sixth Form pupils in quiet study area
Dame Allan's pupils in Sixth Form meeting room
Dame Allan's pupils in Sixth Form group work area
Dame Allan's pupils in Sixth Form group work area