As students enter the Sixth Form they face new pressures and challenges. The pastoral system we have in place is designed to support our eldest students and give them the tools they need to be more independent as they prepare to enter the wider world.

Our experienced pastoral team ensures there is a smooth transition from Year 11 into the Sixth Form with its more independent learning environment. Mentoring takes place regularly at key points throughout the year and tutors offer advice and support to help students achieve their full potential.

Furthermore, we aim to help our students become well-rounded individuals. Students are encouraged, through form time and our enrichment programme to keep up to date with current affairs, read widely around their A level subjects and participate in charitable and sporting activities. Our enrichment programme offers a range of activities from team building and responsible use of social media to financial awareness and preparing for university.

Additionally, students have access to the school nurse and counselling services. All Sixth Form students are taught basic mental health first aid and, each year, a large cohort are trained in listening skills. While this is predominantly with the aim of supporting younger students, these skills are naturally transferable. As a result, we find we have a welcoming and supportive year-group dynamic.

What is certain is that by the time our students leave school they have the personal, social and academic skills that will equip them for life beyond Dame Allan’s. 

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Damian Hughes with pupils at Dame Allan's Schools
Pupils in Sixth Form breakout space
Sixth Form pupils in quiet study area
Dame Allan's pupils in Sixth Form meeting room
Dame Allan's pupils in Sixth Form group work area
Dame Allan's pupils in Sixth Form group work area