At Dame Allan’s Junior School and Nursery, we pride ourselves on providing a holistic curriculum which enables children to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually. 

We encourage our pupils to aim high and achieve their goals. During their time in the Junior School, they are taught not only the core skills of numeracy, literacy and science, but to enjoy the creative arts, sports and computing amongst many other aspects, as well as our wide and extensive range of extra-curricular activities. 

At the heart of our teaching is the belief that learning should be fun and that pupils should be engaged with the learning process. We encourage active learning, which sees our pupils take part in meaningful learning activities and think about what they are doing and why. We believe this is the best way to encourage children to stretch their imaginations and reach their full potential. 

Class sizes at Dame Allan’s are small, allowing our teachers to really get to know and value each child and push their individual abilities. Smaller class sizes also allows us to provide each child with the highest quality of pastoral care. As a result, we produce eager, enthusiastic learners who then progress onto the next schools in the Dame Allan’s family.

The Junior School forms the base of the Diamond Structure at Dame Allan's. The foundations laid at the Junior School are quite properly co-educational. Boys and girls play happily alongside each other; in their early childhood, educating boys and girls alongside each other means they learn that there is no mystique about the opposite sex and that they benefit from experiencing and sharing the perceived strengths and qualities of each other.

Situated in our mature, wooded site adjacent to the open fields of Newcastle’s Town Moor, one of the most successful aspects of the Junior School is our outdoor education provision. Children have lessons in all weathers and are able to learn about and explore the great outdoors in a safe and secure environment. This begins with the Skogsmulle programme in Early Years and continues through to Year 6.

All Junior School parents are very welcome to join DASPA - the Dame Allan’s Parents’ Association. DASPA does a great deal to support us including organising parties, fairs and fundraising events. 

We are very proud of our family atmosphere and high academic standards. We hope to welcome you and your children very soon. 

Mr Geoff Laidler, Headteacher


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“School seamlessly prepares both genders to progress to the diamond model senior schools and success beyond. Great facilities in a purpose built environment. Perfect place for polishing little gems, ready for the next step in their development."

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