Welcome to Dame Allan’s Junior School and Nursery. Though Dame Allan’s is one of the oldest and most established schools in the North East, our state of the art Junior School offers our children an exceptional learning experience. The idea that learning should be fun is the principle at the heart of our Junior School and our curriculum is designed around active learning so that children develop socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Pupils in our Junior School are encouraged to aim high and achieve their goals, pupils are taught in small classes where they learn not only the core skills of numeracy, literacy and sciences, but also enjoy the arts, sports, languages and computing amongst many other topics.

Class sizes at Dame Allan’s are small, allowing our teachers to really get to know each individual child so they can stretch their imaginations and push their abilities whilst still making learning fun. We are incredibly proud of the pastoral care we are able to provide, resulting from these small class sizes.

The Junior School forms the base of the Diamond Structure at Dame Allan's. The foundations laid at the Junior School are quite properly co-educational. Boys and girls play happily alongside each other, in their early childhood educating boys and girls alongside each other means they learn that there is no mystique about the opposite sex. They also benefit from experiencing and sharing the perceived strengths and qualities of the opposite gender. 

One of the most popular parts of the Junior School is the outdoor education classroom, where children have lessons in all weathers and are able to learn about, and explore, the great outdoors.

During their time in the Junior School pupils are inspired and are taught that learning is fun, in this way we produce eager, enthusiastic learners who then progress onto the next Schools in the Dame Allan’s family.

The Junior School has it's own branch of the Dame Allan's Parents' Association - DASPA Junior, which does a great deal to support us including putting on parties, fairs and fundraising. All Junior parents are very welcome to join DASPA Junior. 

We are very proud of our family atmosphere and high academic standards. We hope to welcome you and your children soon. 

Mr G Laidler, Head of Junior School and Nursery


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