Clubs and Activities

There are many clubs and activities that form a part of the co-curriculum outside of sport, music, drama, dance, outdoor leadership and education, and CCF. Every department holds their own club or activity to enrich and go beyond what pupils learn in the curriculum. Topics vary depending on the ages of pupils involved. For example, with regards to science, younger pupils may focus on conducting more exciting practical experiments whereas older pupils might take part in societies with more of a careers focus like MedSoc. This popular society is led by aspiring medics where they get together to discuss UCAT exams and best practice for interviews, debate controversial ethical questions and host talks from university students or doctors. As a student - led society pupils have control over the content and management and are supported only when needed. This helps them further develop leadership and teamwork skills. 

There are several other societies that benefit from various subject experts coming in to share their knowledge. Sometimes these are Allanians (former pupils) who share their experiences about their time at the Schools and what they have learnt in their careers since. For example, we recently had Ian la Frenais, a pupil in the 50s and creator of some of the most iconic comedy shows on television, visit the Schools' creative writing club. However we are also fortunate to be able to bring in experts to help run certain clubs such as Fencing and Irish Dancing in the Junior School.

Some clubs focus on longer term projects. Our Engineering Society have spent their time designing and building their own scale model rocket which will shortly be launched from the school playing field! The A Level students researched the legalities and logistics of building and launching a rocket at school, before designing and purchasing parts. They used the Schools’ state-of-the-art 3D printers to create the rocket’s nose cone, body tube and fins. 

Another example would be the Peer Mentor and Listening Skills course. The 20-week course enables students to gain a greater understanding of counselling, mental health, and safeguarding, as well as develop active listening skills that can help build relationships and solve problems. On completion, they are then matched to younger pupils and support them on a 1 to 1 basis as a peer mentor, meeting weekly to offer a listening ear and to work on goal setting and action plans.

With numerous student advocates it is no surprise that the School Council, FemSoc and the Schools' Eco club are well attended. These often generate ideas which are quickly put into practice across the Schools.

There are a wide range of other clubs from chess and debating to textiles and podcasts that are often equally popular. Some clubs are smaller but equally interesting. A good example of this would be the Archivists’ Society. Given Dame Allan’s history stretches back over 300 years, it has seen multiple buildings, wars, members of staff and over 10 generations of pupils. From snaps of sporting successes, the May Queen photos and the girls in their ‘Polly Bell’ uniforms to old school magazine, Admissions Registers and Headmaster's log books there is a treasure trove of discoveries for pupils interested in the history of the Schools to look at.

Similarly in the Junior School there are a wide range of different clubs and activities. Some examples of the many clubs offered are Coding, Karate, Irish Dancing, Geco Club, and the Minibeast club.

A full list of all the different clubs and activities available can be found on SOCS. There really is something for everyone!