Dame Allan’s offers all of its boys a genuinely nurturing and supportive environment where they will develop into the best that they can be.

In Dame Allan’s Boys’ School we fully understand boys and the pressures they face growing up in an increasingly complex world. We pride ourselves on offering a fully supported journey throughout the Senior School and feel real pride in watching our boys grow into well rounded individuals who understand their place in the world and how they can best benefit it. Our Boys’ School is small enough that each of our boys is known to his peers and teachers alike, but our distinctive diamond model means the boys benefit from all the advantages of a larger school which includes girls.

From this position of knowledge and in partnership with parents, we guide our boys to develop into resilient young people who are confident in their own achievements as well as understanding the needs of othersIt is often commented on by visitors to the Schools, be they parents, visiting speakers or visiting pupils as to how courteous, confident and kind our boys are. It is clear to many observers that the boys at Dame Allan’s take pleasure in their learning and display appropriate pride in their achievements. Throughout their time with us our boys have numerous opportunities to challenge themselves both within and outside of the classroom through a wide-ranging curriculum and a diverse offering of extra-curricular and house based activities and it is through such activities that the boys grow and learn to take care of themselves and each other. 

Our Christian ethos informs us that we must, and therefore do, treat everyone with respect. In the Boys School we value the development of character just as highly as academic progress and we set ourselves high standards at all times.

Dame Allan’s Boys’ School is a family where boys can flourish and succeed and in so doing make friendships that can last a lifetime.

Mr D Ridley, Head of Boys’ School 


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