Years 3-5 Combined Arts production of 'Annie'

Every year, one of the biggest highlights of the Junior Schools and Nursery's academic calendar is the Years 3-5 Combined Arts production.

Over the course of the Spring term, the children use drama lessons to film scenes using green-screen technology and 'on location' in the local area. Once filming is 'is the can', the children move on to developing fun choreography inspired by themes in the story. They also learn songs from or inspired by the film or musical they're recreating. All of this is then performed live for parents to the backdrop of the pre-recorded scenes. 

This year, the production was 'Annie', the story of a feisty red-headed orphan who lives in an orphanage ran by the tyrannical Miss Hannigan. 

The children and staff work incredibly hard to make each year better than the last and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, the necessary social distancing measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic meant that the live performances in March had to be cancelled. 

Luckily Mr Davidson, one of our fantastic IT technicians and cameraman for the production, was able to turn everything into a film for parents of our Years 3-5 children. It is a great keepsake of their hard work throughout the term - well done everyone!