High praise for GCSE students

Congratulations to this year’s cohort of GCSE students for their excellent set of results.

An impressive 40% of the year group achieved straight 7-9 grades.

Outgoing Principal Dr John Hind said: “Congratulations to our students collecting their GCSE examination results today. Whilst we are always proud of our pupils’ achievements, this year we are particularly so. 

“In this unprecedented year, it cannot have been easy to be faced with so much uncertainty over the last few months. The students have shown great resilience throughout and the way they adapted to distance learning must be commended - life skills that will prove invaluable in the Sixth Form and beyond.

“Today we celebrate the achievements of them all; not just those who have achieved the highest grades, but of each and every one who has worked hard to secure the best grades of which they are capable. I wish them all the best for their futures.” 

Incoming Principal Mr Will Scott echoed this sentiment and is looking forward to welcoming them into the Sixth Form in September.