Our Girls' School pastoral system gives each girl a voice and with it the support she needs as she learns to develop her talents and discover untapped depths, both in herself and in others.

One of the benefits of our diamond structure is that each school has its own, well-established, pastoral system designed to create a caring and supportive framework for each pupil. Our pupils are part of smaller groups who are looked after and guided by staff who are experienced and trained in dealing with issues which affect specific age ranges and genders. 

Welcomed into a genuinely caring and supportive pastoral environment, girls soon recognise that they will be heard, helped and encouraged. Experienced form teachers care for classes of no more than 24 pupils, meeting twice a day and playing the vital role of a point of familiar contact for parents and pupils alike.

The Head of Lower School supported by the Assistant Head of Lower School guides all the girls in Years 7-9 with an individual and dedicated open-door approach ensuring that each pupil feels happy and confident in her school environment. This personalised support continues throughout Years 10 and 11 with the older girls under the care of the Head of Middle School who supports each pupil in the vital run up to GCSE examinations.

Overseeing the pastoral team and fully involved in all aspects of care for the pupils is the Head of the Girls’ School and the Vice Principal (Pastoral). Working closely together the team ensures individual and professional support at every stage of your daughter’s time in school.

We help our girls to focus on the resilience they need to become the good, active and purposeful citizens of tomorrow. Visitors to the schools, from prospective parents to outside speakers, regularly comment on the happy, confident and engaging girls who are so evidently proud of their school. It is always a great pleasure to see Allanians in later life who have not only been successful themselves, but have seen the importance of supporting others along the way. In producing such outstanding young adults, DAGS has succeeded.

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