Opinions and Feedback

At Dame Allan’s the opinions and feedback of our pupils are integral to the successful growth of the Schools. They are the heart of our school, so we feel that it is vital that their feelings and views are reflected in everything we do. Their opinions allow us to get better and better each year. For example, pupils give their feedback on the structure and content of lessons. This allows teachers to gain a better understanding of the way in which pupils want to learn and how they can provide the best environment possible for them. Pupils also give feedback on wider events organised by the Schools and other elements of school life. This helps support staff provide the best environment and structure for pupils.

Empowering pupils to voice their opinions and the opportunity to enact change is also hugely beneficial to the development of pupils themselves. Through this they learn numerous important life skills, such as problem-solving and communication, as well as increasing their confidence. There are several regular opportunities for pupils to offer their feedback or discuss and enact change in the Schools. 

Student Councils

There are three major student councils in the Senior Schools:

A whole school Student Council - This consists of one child from each form group and is chaired by two Sixth Form officers.

A Sixth Form Student Council - The Sixth Form Student Council is led by two Officers and has three other representatives from Year 13 and two members from Year 12. The group meets regularly with the Deputy Director of Sixth Form. They are instrumental for relaying students’ perspectives on how the Sixth Form is run, which is particularly important as we work towards moving into the refurbished Queen’s Building in 2024.

A Junior Smart School Council - The Smart School Council project differs from typical school councils which elect one representative from each year group to make decisions on their peers’ behalf. Under this initiative, each and every child gets involved through regular class meetings. It is completely child-led. At the head of the Council is a Communications Team consisting of pupils from all year groups from Reception to Year 6. This team meets weekly and has feedback meetings with different year group classes to identify any potential things that can be improved. A highlighted issue is then discussed and every pupil in the school has their say in class meetings where votes are taken. From this, Action Teams are formed with pupils encouraged to put their names forward.

There is also our Sixth Form Officer team that helps look after a range of areas. They feedback to the Vice Principal (Pastoral) forming another important link between students and staff. The team of 18 officers include the Head Girl and Head Boy and are in charge of:

Sustainability and Environment (incl food & prefects);

Creative Arts;


Peer Support and Mentoring;

Charitable Giving;

Junior School liaison;

The Sixth Form School Council

and The School Council.