From our Pupils

What our pupils say about Dame Allan's Schools

At Dame Allan’s Schools, we proactively seek feedback from our most important people - our pupils. Here are just some of their opinions on the different aspects of life at Dame Allan’s.

 "What would you say if your best friend asked if they should come to Dame Allan's?"

Yes you should totally go! It's a great school with great teachers and pupils you will make many more new friends.” Year 7

I would say that there is a lot to get involved in and that you would definitely enjoy it.” Year 7

I would say yes as this school is very friendly and caring, all of the lessons are exciting and you learn so much easily without even realising.” Year 7

Pupil feedback on… the teachers

They are all very nice and I find you can also talk to them if you are worried or scared about something.” Year 7

Most of the teachers here are really nice and supportive. If you need help from them, then don't be afraid to ask.” Year 7

All the teachers are very supportive and understanding. They have some great advice, and they are willing to help whenever you need it.Year 7

Pupil feedback on… Co-curricular activities 

There is a large selection of clubs that you can attend, my favourite club is either netball or strength and conditioning since they both are very active and fun.” Year 7

I love science club. Especially since we made slime and we will make sorbet, a type of sweet treat.” Year 7

There are a huge variety of clubs, including climbing club which is one of my favourites. It is so fun as I get to climb with my friends, challenge myself and have fun.” Year 7

Pupil feedback on … the Library

The librarians are lovely, and can easily help you find a fantastic new book. The library is well organised, and easy to find a book that you will like.” Year 7

The library has lots of good books, you are sure to find one that you really enjoy!” Year 7

The library is without a doubt the best room in the whole school. It's filled with books of all genres and is a really peaceful room.” Year 7

What is your favourite thing about attending Dame Allan's?

My favourite thing about attending Dame Allan's is that whatever your endeavours are, whether that be in STEM, the arts, sport or otherwise, students are supported and encouraged to take initiative in forming their own clubs and societies, or organising a music ensemble for example. The School and its staff are always more than willing to facilitate this, and for me, this is what makes attending Dame Allan's such a good experience.”  Francesca, Year 13

The best aspect about Dame Allan’s for me is the sense of vivid community. Students form strong bonds with each other, the pastoral and mental health team is exceptional and the school is designed in a way to enable both a strong academic performance and a thriving social life.” Ben, Year 13

My favourite thing would be how close-knit everyone is and how much support we get from our teachers, not just academically but also mentally. We all spend a lot of time in school so knowing the teachers are there for you and for your best interests has helped me a lot throughout the years.” Saniya, Year 13

How has your time at Dame Allan's shaped you?

Dame Allan’s has not only allowed me to find out who I am, but enabled me to discover who I want to be. The personal development I’ve had thanks to joining this school has made me into a more well-rounded young adult: more empathic and understanding of other perspectives, more cooperative with different people, and overall more ambitious in my future goals.”  Ben, Year 13

I think that Dame Allan's has broadened my horizons by introducing me to new activities and opportunities that I otherwise wouldn't have had access to.” Mia, Year 13

It’s no overstatement to say that I wouldn’t be the person I am without my time at Dame Allan’s. From boosting my confidence in public speaking to bolstering my academic skills across the curriculum and beyond, I’m confident I’ll leave school as a well-rounded individual with the skills I need to go far. As I go into my last year of Dame Allan’s, I’m really looking forward to making the most of my final year before I prepare for the next chapter.” Imogen, Year 13