COVID-19 Bursary Appeal

Please help us keep all of our current pupils in school during and beyond this crisis.



Message and Video from the Principal

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic our pupils have, as always, been our top priority. Their education and well-being are central to our purpose, guiding our actions in adapting what we do to meet their needs and to strengthen their sense of connection and belonging as members of the Dame Allan’s family.

Last year, we launched the COVID-19 Bursary Appeal to ask for your help and you kindly gave it. Thank you. 

However, as the impact of the pandemic goes on into 2021, we are continuing to support families who, as much as before, need our help. These families are experiencing financial difficulties that would ordinarily result in having to withdraw their children from the Schools. We are fully committed to supporting them through our existing resources, but these resources are not infinite.  

We therefore still need your help.

The average COVID-19 Bursary award has been for 40% of a term’s fees, around £1,800 for every child supported. All applicants have said they can make some contribution which is heartening and means that we are supporting genuine need.  

If you are able, please give what you can. 

Your donation will help us to secure our objectives of providing continuity of education for our pupils whilst ensuring the Schools can continue to grow and thrive into our fourth century of existence.  

Whatever else they may lose because of the pandemic, together we can help this generation of Allanians to maintain their sense of belonging and continue to benefit from the opportunities that come with an exceptional Dame Allan’s education.

Thank you.

Will Scott, Principal of Dame Allan's Schools

Derek and Margaret Nicholson, parents of Dame Allan's alumni

We have been associated with Dame Allan’s Schools since our son and daughter joined the Schools at age eleven. We know first-hand the lasting benefit of a Dame Allan’s education.

The Schools’ reputation for providing a rounded education is certainly well-deserved. It is rightly proud of the high academic attainment of its pupils which is achieved whilst also encouraging pupils to care for others near and far. 

The values and ethos of the Schools reflect their Christian foundation, but caring for others is a universal value embraced by those of all faiths and none. It is in the spirit of loving our neighbour that we want to encourage you to give generously to this appeal. 

Margaret and Derek Nicholson, parents of Dame Allan's alumni

I was not a pupil at Dame Allan's, but in my 20 years association with the Schools I have seen the huge benefits of a Dame Allan's education.

In these turbulent times our children’s education has been severely disrupted. However, due to the fantastic efforts of our staff, we have still been able to provide comprehensive remote learning and support. I am proud to say our students have responded wonderfully to this and the Governors are committed to ensuring if at all possible, all of our current pupils can continue to enjoy the Dame Allan's experience.

Our commitment is such that we have already earmarked substantial funds to support this appeal, but we need more. Your added support would be invaluable to our school community in our time of need. Thank you.

Ian Belsham, Chair of Governors

These are very difficult times for all of us, but inevitably for some more than others.

Throughout all the many years I taught at Dame Allan's, I always used to think how lucky I was to be teaching in such an institution. And of course if I was feeling that way then the pupils were too, and I am sure that this is the situation today.

Which is why I am more than happy to lend my voice to this appeal to you, as Allanians, to help those for whom the future at Dame Allan's is in doubt due to no fault of their own.

Please do help if you can. 

Bill Lomas, governor and former Vice Principal of Dame Allan's

We believe in generosity and sharing. COVID-19 has affected some people financially far more than others and we would hate to see some children losing out on the opportunities presented by the schools.

As we personally have been less affected financially, it only seems right to help those who are more affected. We would hope that if the situation were reversed then we would find ourselves supported by the generosity of others.

Parent and donor to the COVID-19 Bursary Appeal

I am so pleased to know that Dame Allan's Schools are championing this Appeal. With so many seeing their livelihoods hit hard by the Covid crisis, I fully support the Schools in seeking to help them through this challenging time. 

As an Allanian and a donor to the COVID-19 Bursary Appeal, I recognise that this is in the spirit of the foundation, building upon the schools’ longstanding commitment to bursary provision.

As a parent, I am delighted that the support of the Dame Allan’s community can enable the current cohort of pupils to stay together, allowing their friendships to blossom and their learning to grow. At times of such national upheaval, maintaining this stability has been a real blessing to every child at the Schools.  

Stephen Davies, Chair of The Allanian Society

I am thrilled to know that Dame Allan's Schools are launching this Appeal, which is in the best traditions of the foundation.

For more than three centuries, Dame Allan's has nurtured generations of girls and boys and given them the solid ground upon which to build their lives. I am sure, all who know the Schools will want this to continue far into the future.

By making a donation, large or small, we can ensure this is so and , also, we can acknowledge the part the Schools have played in our own lives.'

Angela Crossfield, former Deputy Head of the Girls' School

The last few weeks when time has seemed to stand still for those of us not providing essential services has helped to refresh our understanding of what we value most in our lives. 

Family, home and friends are at the core closely followed by the benefits bestowed by a first-class education. A mind open to new experiences, even unwelcome ones, and capable of giving them context and balance by distinguishing objective truth from distortion.

Throughout its history Dame Allans has provided such an education and l for one feel fortunate and privileged to have attended the School.  It deserves our support at this difficult time.

Bryan Sanderson, President of The Allanian Society

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