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Please note that some electronic updates such as the e-newsletters may still contain references to upcoming events and fundraising.
If you have any queries or wish to speak to a member of the development office team please email alumnirelations@dameallans.co.uk or telephone 0191 275 1500 and we will respond as soon as possible.


Dame Allan’s Schools privacy and data protection values

Dame Allan’s Schools Development Office and the Allanian Society
The Development Office and The Allanian Society have a shared interest in and co-ordinated approach to their former pupils and supporters. This statement provides a summary of how the Schools handle and use the data they collect. The Development Office privacy notice for alumni, friends and supporters can be found on the Alumni page of the Alumni and Development section of the Dame Allan’s Schools’ website www.dameallans.co.uk

The records held by the Development Office are used to organise Allanian events, to promote the School and for fundraising purposes. These activities include publications, surveys, appeals and the marketing of events and dinners. Communications are sent where possible by electronic means, but also by post or very occasionally by telephone. Most records contain education, contact details, and career and other achievements. Contact and relationships with the School and donations are also recorded.

All data held by the Development Office is stored securely, with access restricted to authorised personnel only. Most information that we hold will have been obtained directly from you, together with research on public sites like LinkedIn and other publically available information on the internet, to ensure that your data is robust and up to date. The Development Office also facilitates communication between former pupils but only when permission has been given by the parties concerned.
The Schools do not swap or sell any of their data to third party organisations.