Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you need this development?

This is a significant and exciting development in the history of the Schools. Dame Allan’s is very popular and the investment will provide much-needed space for our pupils as well as ensuring they are learning in an innovative, modern environment.

The development will see some dated buildings demolished to make way for a new two-storey extension. This will provide three new art rooms, a central exhibition and events space, and two separate rooms for A level art and design technology. A further 16 classrooms will include three new physics labs.

The development will free up space within the main school building for a new wellbeing centre, which will house our outstanding pastoral team comprising three counsellors, a psychological therapist and our chaplain.

Why did you put the development on hold for 12 months?

We put the project on hold because we wanted to support families in school who had been affected financially by the pandemic. Added to the uncertainty around disruption to work during periods of lockdown, it was the right thing to postpone the development. 

What are the environmental credentials of the scheme?

The scheme will feature a living wall on the north side of the School and electric charging points for vehicles. 

Will the central exhibition space in the new art building be open to the public?

We hope to see many members of the public enjoy our students’ artwork. We want to develop our outreach work and make the space available for use by local groups for activities as well as exhibitions. The new space will also be incorporated into our Masterclass programme, working with local primary schools.

Why do you need so many temporary classrooms?

To make way for the development, the buildings that we are losing house classrooms and office space, so we need this temporary accommodation to house our pupils and staff. 

Who is the contractor?

The contractor is Gateshead-based Tolent, one of the North East’s biggest construction companies.

Do you have a timeline for the work to be carried out?

Demolition works will continue throughout July and August 2021 with temporary teaching accommodation erected on site ready for the start of the 2021-22 academic year in September 2021. Work will take just over a year to complete.

When will the demolition of buildings start?

Demolition will start on 5th July 2021 lasting until the school returns in September. During the demolition phase, we use dust suppression to control any dust generated. The contractors will, of course, keep disruption to a minimum, but if you are concerned at all, please contact Tolent.

Who can we contact if there are issues onsite at weekends or in the evenings?   

Any issues outside of the site working hours can be directed to the Tolent project manager Paul Consterdine on 07836 561945 or site agent Glyn Pallister on 07805852714.