The Schools help to provide a wide range of transport choices for pupils, before and after school, and each year we are offering more tailored and convenient options. The booklet below contains a comprehensive guide to the various transport options available as well as some top tips to take into account when travelling to and from Dame Allan’s Schools. 

Travelling to Dame Allan's Schools 

Several of the bus services are managed by specialist school transport management company, Vectare. Further details, including the list and map of the services provided and booking details, can be found in the leaflet or the link below.

Vectare website

As a result of the number of options available many of our pupils choose to travel by public transport. We would recommend that pupils travelling by public transport take advantage of the various discounts available to them. The Nexus Pop card, available for U16, allows them to travel with concessionary child fares all day, every day on all public transport in Tyne and Wear. They also have a Pop blue card for U18 that may be suitable for sixth form pupils. Further details can be found on the Nexus Website.

Nexus Website

We expect our pupils to behave responsibly on transport to and from Dame Allan’s Schools. This means following all safety guidelines and adhering to the Schools’ code of conduct and behaviour policies. Further details can be seen in the policies below.

Behaviour policy

Anti Bullying policy 


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