Diamond Structure

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Dame Allan's Students Smiling

Dame Allan's Schools are the only schools in the North East following the 'diamond structure' of education, which combines both coeducational and single-sex education: boys and girls educated together in the Junior School, separately between the ages of 11 and 16 and together again in the Sixth Form.

This structure offers the benefits of single-sex education combined with the social and cultural merits of a co-educational environment. 

How the diamond structure works at Dame Allan's Schools

Across the Schools, we also provide a rich mixture of experiences for pupils to develop academic, sporting, artistic, leadership and other talents. This encourages pupils from the age of three to 18 to develop an awareness of their individual strengths and to make full use of them.

Junior School & Nursery

Aged 3 - 11

Junior School

Early Years    

At the base point of the diamond is our co-educational Junior School and Nursery, which sees boys and girls learn together to develop their social skills from an early age.

We believe learning should be fun, so children from Early Years to Year 6 benefit from a practical curriculum which brings learning to life. 

This includes the exciting Skogsmulle programme, a Swedish educational initiative set in our woodland classroom, which teaches children to have a greater understanding of the environment.

Boys' and Girls' Schools

Aged 11 - 16

Boys' School

Girls' School

In Year 7, boys and girls move into our single-sex Boys’ and Girls’ Schools, where they are taught separately leading up to their GCSE examinations in Year 11. 

Teaching boys and girls separately at this time ensures we can tailor our teaching to their different learning styles and avoid the gender stereotypes that may have traditionally held them back

The Boys’ and Girls’ Schools have their own well-established and distinctive pastoral system, ensuring a caring and supportive framework for each pupil.

Sixth Form

Aged 16-18  

Sixth Form

When the students begin their A-level studies, boys and girls are brought back together into our co-educational Sixth Form at the tip of the diamond.

Here, alongside encouraging each student to achieve their best possible academic results, pastoral support prepares pupils for life as adults in a rapidly changing world. Regular contact with alumni supports students in thinking about their future careers.

We place strong emphasis on independent learning, encouraging the development of qualities such as self-discipline, whilst our Officer roles instill the importance of community and social responsibility.