The Allanian Society

      The Allanian Society is the thriving alumni association for Dame Allan’s Schools. The Allanian Society, ensures that students maintain their relationship with the Dame Allan’s family even after they have left the Schools. The society welcomes members who have recently left the Schools or those who left a long time ago and would like to get back in touch with the Schools and former friends.

      Allanians meet up for dinners and drinks receptions both in Newcastle and the North East, and London. Members also arrange informal reunions for certain year groups with the help of the Alumni Association.

      Many Allanians return to take part in the Schools’ events, such as the annual Founder’s Day or Carol Service.

      If you would like to reconnect with Dame Allan’s and join the society, please contact us on alumnirelations@dameallans.co.uk 

      Allanian Society Officers

      President – Bryan Sanderson

      Vice Presidents – Dave Stewart, Jonathan Archer, Abby French, Julia Weatherall

      Chair – Stephen Davies

      Secretary to the Board – Tove Elander

      Treasurer – Chris Archer

      Assistant Treasurer – Marion Russell

      The Allanian Society Constitution

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