Key Members of Staff


      J R Hind (Downing College, Cambridge), MEd (Newcastle), PhD (Durham) 

      Vice Principal (Pastoral) 

      N H Shaw, BSc (Liverpool) MA (St. Mary’s) 

      Vice Principal (Academic) 

      A Hopper MA (Merton College, Oxford)

      Head of Junior School 

      G Laidler, BA (Durham) 

      Deputy Head of Junior School

      D M Farren, BA (Warwick)

      Head of Boys’ Years 7-11 

      P Wildsmith, BSc, (Birmingham), FRGS

      Head of Girls’ Years 7-11 

      E C Fiddaman, BA (Hertford College, Oxford)

      Head of Sixth Form

      P C Terry, MEng (Cardiff) MA (Warwick) 


      Support Staff 

      Clerk to the Governors and Bursar

      Mrs V McDonald, BA FCA

      Finance Manager 

      Mrs C Bateman 

      Head of Admissions and Communications  

      Mrs R Miller, BA (Hons) 

      Communications Officer 

      Ms B M Gallacher, BA (Hons)


      Mrs L Procter 

      Principal’s PA 

      Mrs L Stephenson 

      Estates Manager 

      Mr L Kirkbride

      Chaplain to Dame Allan’s Schools

      Rev J McGowan 

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