Dame Allan’s exists to provide education for boys and girls from all cultures and backgrounds within a supportive environment in which they can make the best use of their varied abilities. The Schools look to establish and maintain high moral standards within a clear disciplinary framework informed by the Schools’ Christian foundation and traditions.

      The Schools provide a structured framework within which skills may be learnt and knowledge gained. They aim to prepare pupils to cope successfully as adults in a rapidly changing world.

      The Schools also aim to provide a rich mixture of experiences for pupils to develop academic, sporting, artistic, leadership and other talents. They encourage pupils to develop an awareness of their individual strengths and to make full use of them.

      The Schools aim to encourage the development of the qualities of self-discipline, self confidence and independence whilst creating a community in which all members care for each other as in a family. They also emphasise the interdependence of the individual and the community at local, national and international levels and encourage pupils to show care and concern for others less fortunate than themselves.

      At the heart of these aims is a concern for each pupil’s welfare and for his or her whole development as an individual and as a member of the Schools’ community both inside and outside the classroom. This development is to be within an orderly, safe and supportive community in which all members feel comfortable and act with consideration and respect for other people, themselves and the environment.

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