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      Green flag status 

      Respecting our environment is an essential part of the Dame Allan’s ethos. We can’t avoid a carbon footprint, but we can try to keep it as light as possible. We have had an active and enthusiastic Eco-Panel whose role it is to encourage everyone, from Year 7 to the Senior Management Team, to take the environment into consideration in all decisions. We try to raise awareness about global issues like climate change, but we also do practical things like empty bins.Replace with further content or remove this additional text...

      We are thrilled to have Green Flag status. We applied for the prestigious Green Flag, which is awarded by the international Eco-Schools’ programme. To receive this award you have to show that your school is making significant progress on a variety of issues such as energy saving, biodiversity, waste reduction and green transport, so we were delighted to pass the test. The award lasts for two years, and each time you reapply you are expected to come up with new initiatives and reduce your carbon footprint even more. 


      Our ‘Green’ activities

      New recycling contract signed!

      We have chosen O’Brien’s Waste Management to take over and extend our recycling programme. Since the Schools generate more cardboard than any other recyclable material, we now have a weekly cardboard collection Every week O’Brian’s take away nearly 100kg of flattened cardboard boxes which would previously have gone to landfill. 

      Robot recruit for the Eco-Panel

      Feeling that Dame Allan’s recycling needed to be modernised, one of our students decided to design and build a robot! The remote controlled electric vehicle, made by a Year 9 student, is helping up to empty the classroom recycling bins. 

      Feast for Fenham fowl!

      We have birdfeeders in our trees – some in the wildlife area next to the tennis courts and some on the strip of land along the boundary wall next to the Sixth Form building. We love seeing what species of birds they attract and are pleased that they help the birds through the winter months. 

      Recycling more materials than ever

      As well as our cardboard scheme we now have a collection of mixed recyclables. This means that in addition to the office paper and plastic bottles that we have been recycling for several years, we can also collect envelopes, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, plastic bottles, tetra-pacs, cartons, tins and cans. As we can now recycle any type of paper, there should be a lot less confusion and a lot less waste.

      Dining hall drinking 

      After years of trying to dispose of our lunchtime plastic drinking cups responsibly, we are now able to recycle them via our new monthly mixed collection. It was upsetting to know that if we had a drink we were generating waste, but not any more!

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